Bandung – Good morning, Fabbers! How are you today? Are you still keeping yourself productive and creative?

On last monday(August 1st), FabLab and the interns of AIESEC were invited to join MGT Radio’s “Community of the Week”. There are five people who join this event, including our Manager Alad, Volunteer Arinaldo Edo, and of course — three of the interns; Olga, Mehdi and Hyebin.

FabLab Bandung an interns photo session with MGT Radio

FabLab Bandung an interns photo session with MGT Radio

Even though the traffic of Bandung on that day was not very friendly, we made it to the MGT’s office at 18:00 pm. The broadcast itself started at 19:00 pm with the MC Sizzy Fradiza. We talked alot, most of it are all about FabLab Bandung. Olga, Hyebin, and Mehdi are also very active and communicative when answering Sizzy questions.

After the broadcast ends at 20:00 pm, we took pictures together before go home. Thanks to MGT Radio guys, it has been an amazing day for us.

Before we go home...

Before we go home…

Stay tuned for our updates, and see you in the next broadcast!