Bandung – Good morning, Fabbers! Finally we meet again. I hope we’re still keeping ourselves productive! MERDEKA!

Yesterday, on Wednesday August 10th Pro 2 RRI Bandung invited us in his program, Voice of Indonesia (VOI). There are Manager Alad and Volunteer Adit from FabLab Bandung, and from AIESEC Bandung there are Vivian as Vice President IGIP and some of the Interns, they are Olga, Marek, dan Hyebin.

Broadcast started with Vivian’s explanation about their project, Global Tourism Project in Ciburial dan Jelekong which was held by the AIESEC Bandung interns and FabLab Bandung’s help. She also talked about how tourism became one of Bandung’s top priority focus.

“As we know that now, even our Major, Ridwan Kamil is now focusing now in tourism, because Bandung is a tourism spot in Indonesia,” said Vivian. Alad also didn’t forget to explain all about FabLab Bandung dan Global.

The AIESEC interns also get a chance to talk about their experiences and opinions.

Presenter Pro 2 RRI sedang mewawancarai para intern

Presenter Pro 2 RRI sedang mewawancarai para intern

“I feel like half sad and half happy, because we’re almost finished with our project, and I’m leaving in two days. ” told Hyebin, intern from South Korea. “I’m going back to Australia to continue my study in university. So, I feel kinda happy to go back but, at the same time I feel sad to say good bye to these great friends here,”

And Marek, intern from Polandia, “So we kind of proud, because we got a chance to work on one of local village, Ciburial. We were really tried for two months to put our best efforts to develop local society and help loca; business with Global Tourism Program,”.

They were also told their stories about the challenges they have faced, like the broken road. “(The road is) still bumpy, there is so many rocks, so I guess it’s pretty hard for cars to access our village. So we’re just making some solution in presentation and proposal, So I guess in next few years government tourism organization can fix the problem. Hopefully, yeah,” said Hyebin.

Marek was also tells that the beauty of nature become a main attraction in Ciburial. “Ciburial is one of the nicest in this region,” he said. “Actually, I strongly reccomend the sunrise in the morning (on tebing keraton). That is the nicest view and the nicest time to observe,” he continued.

Olga, told the main attraction of Jelekong village. “We just covered a lot of potential in here. Actually we can divide it into two big parts. The first is paintings, and the second is the puppets,”. “We also conducted the culture exhibition there and Open Trip, like the ciburial team. We invited people from bandung to visit Jelekong, and we conducted some program, including puppet show, traditional dance, sundanese cuisine and painting workshop. So people could try themself on each direction in this village.” she said.

“The generation after us should emphasis on culture more, rather than nature,” Olga said, followed by laughter.

After 24 minutes of talks, finally this program season come to an end. We didn’t forget to take photos together before going back home. We are very thankful for Pro 2 RRI Bandung for the precious chance you gave us!

Foto bersama AIESEC Bandung, FabLab Bandung dan RRI Bandung

Stay tuned for our updates and, see you in the next radio broadcast!