A brief history of FabLab

Fabrication Laboratory (FabLab) was initially researched in 2001 by Neil Gershenfeld from Center for Bits and Atom, Massachussets Institute of Technology (MIT) Boston, United States. FabLab was finally started to operate in 2005, and today there are 1168 Labs around the world.

Neil Gershenfeld FabLab

Neil Gershenfeld

FabLab is a digital fabrication lab, providing machines and tools to make designs, models, prototypings, mockup etc. Our motto is “How to make almost anything”. That’s what we’re gonna learn.

FabLab’s function

FabLab Bandung Volunteers

The volunteers of FabLab Bandung

As a laboratorium FabLab has a function to make a technical prototype to stimulate innovation and discovery, also stimulate local entrepreneurships. Also to serve as a lab to study, play, and making an environment that stimulate design developments, which creating a right and favorable situation to study how to make almost anything.

Concepts of openness

FabLab has two concept of openness, Open Access and Open Design, which applied to every activity in the Lab.

Open Access

This concept aims to give easiness and a chance to people to access fabrication technology.

Open Design

This concept aims to give a chance to community of FabLab to get involved in helping design development of a product design. It also encourage people in every FabLab community network to document every steps and processes of their production, also sharing and helping each other FabLab community across the globe. So a conducive learning and teaching situation will be achieved, where anyone can develop design made by other member of community.

FabLab Bandung

FabLab Bandung's Lab and makerspace

FabLab Bandung’s Lab and makerspace

Founded in February 2015, FabLab Bandung follows lab network plan by Fabrication Laboratory, which has an education concept that boosts innovation and encourages local entrepreneirship development.

Just like every other lab in this international network, FabLab Banung serves as a means to learn, gather, and to make a community who encourage creativity. It’s the place where you can learn how to make almost anything.

Our programs

Volunteers are doing a brainstorming for a project

Volunteers are doing a brainstorming for a project

Every program and activity in our Lab divided into 4 categories:

1. Socialization an promotion program

Aims to introduce FabLab to general people. Consisting of:

  • Road to campus
  • Goes to School
  • Open Days
  • Exhbition
  • Radio broadcasting
  • Intercommunity meeting/talkshow
  • Media coverage

2. Educational program

Aims to provide education. Consisting of:

  • Open Class
  • Workshop
  • Seminar

3. Creation and innovation program

Aims to create and innovate in our Lab, consisting of:

  • Internal projects, from our crews and volunteers
  • Member projects, for personal or school tasks
  • Collaboration projects

4. Program Ekspansi

Consisting of four business models:

  • Enabler business model: help launching new Labs or provide maintenance, supply chain or similar services for existing Labs.
  • Education business model: a global distributed model of education through Fab Labs (with the Fab Academy) where global experts in particular topics can deliver training from local Fab Labs or even from universities/businesses via the Fab Lab video conferencing network. P2P learning among users is also a part of this business model.
  • Incubator business model: providing infrastructure for entrepreneurs to turn their Fab Lab creations into sustainable businesses. The incubator provides back-office infrastructure, promotion & marketing, seed capital, the leverage of the Fab Lab network and other venture infrastructure to enable the entrepreneur to focus on her areas of expertise.
  • Replicated / Network business model: provide a product, service or curriculum that operates by utilizing the infrastructure, staff and expertise of a local Fab Lab. Such opportunities can be replicated, sold by and executed at many (or all) local Labs, with sustainable revenue at each location. The leverage of all Labs in the network simultaneously promoting and delivering the business creates strength and reach for the brand.

Our Hopes and Dreams

Welcome FabLab Bandung


We are hoping that FabLab Bandung will become a Lab that able to provide people access to fabrication technology. We are highly motivated to build FabLab Bandung, and we are dreaming that someday, this Lab will be a place to develop creativity for every community, every background, and especially for general public.

Welcome to FabLab Bandung, where you can make almost anything.