Project Background

In Indonesia plastic waste has become a problem for years. Plastic wastes are non-biodegradable products, so the waste from them could cause severe damage to the environment around us. In Bandung itself, 200 tons of plastic wastes filled up the city everyday . The majority of those trash come from used mineral water, plastic bags, etc.

From this problem coming up some initiatives from the government, organization and even the people. One of them is our program, that is Global Technopreneurs.

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Global Technopreneurs

This program is a collaboration project between FabLab Bandung and AIESEC Bandung. With the help of AIESEC Bandung in this program we will bring in 7 interns from multiple countries and multiple educational background. They will be involved to working in FabLab Bandung, to develop a Shredding Machine as a solution to Bandung’s plastic waste problem.

This machine, which will be designed and developed by the interns in FabLab Bandung has a function as a plastic waste shredder, that able to turn the waste into smaller and recyclable plastic pellets. With Buddies and local Volunteers help, they are expected to be able to contribute according to chosen JobDesc.


Making a plastic bottle waste solution


Minimalizing the volume of plastic and increase the selling value with shredding machine which will turn them into recyclable plastic pellets.


  1. Producing a smaller shredding machine more than what’s available in the factory
  2. Giving a solution to the trash collector in terms of collecting trashes.
  3. Recycling plastic bottle waste into recyclable plastic pellets  so it will increase its selling value.
  4. Creating innovations and creative ideas in terms of plastic pellets management.
  5. Creating new business opportunities in terms of mass prouction and the selling of shredding machine.

Buddy/Local Volunteer Recruitment System

Interns Criteria

  1. Students in accordance with needed majors.
  2. Committed to do specific job description.
  3. Interested in assembling machine and technology.
  4. Willing to work in FabLab Bandung.
  5. Has a desire to learn about enterpreneurs.
<b>Mechanical Engineer</b>
Mechanical Engineer
<b>Business Development</b>
Business Development

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