FabLab Bandung - Frequently Asked Question

For now we’re still providing only 3D printers and a laser cutter

There are many, depends on what a FabLab focus on. For example, in HONFabLab Jogja, they made prosthetic arm and legs for cheap price.

Not yet, but we’re getting there

Yes you can, by joining our routine event – Open Days. In Open Days we invite community, corporate and schools who wants to visit FabLab Bandung. And it’s free~!

Contact us first, then send your proposal to our email.

Yes, you can. The registration is still open.

You can, but for some machines there are charges for using.

Member will be charged but will not get involved in any jobdesk activity. Volunteers will not be charged, but have to get involved in one of 4 jobdesk division.

Not only that you will be able to create and innovate, but also broadening your knowledge and friends from multiple different discipline

We are expecting the attendance of the Volunteers at least twice a week minimum.

There are four jobdesk division:

  • Marketing – to promote FabLab to campuses and media
  • Multimedia & Documentation – to document activity, creation and its process, and publishing it through social media
  • Operational – to operate and keeping the machine inventories in the Lab
  • Program & Event – plan programs, schedule and making event rundown