3D Printer

  1. 3D printing process requires raft and support part, which included into price calculation.
  2. Minimum weight of product is 10 gram. Orders below that weight will be charged as 10 gram price.
  3. We will provide the best machine settings to make best 3D Printing result. But if there is a model that has a level of complexity and dimension beyond our 3D printer capability, we will not accept any return claim for that model.
  4. Make sure that the object thickness is bigger than 0.4 mm and multiplies.
  5. For Sketchup file, make sure that the design is “watertight”, no holes, no gap; or the design will not be able to be processed into a solid model, and will have to be restarted again.
  6. The length of 3D Printing process depends on the size and complexity of object.

Laser Cutting

  1. Tell the Admin/operasional Volunteer before using the machine.
  2. Filling ‘life time form’ of the machine.
  3. Member must be responsible for the laser cutter machine usage.
  4. Checking the usage reference form in “Mesin Laser Cut.xls” file inside the computer next to the machine. If the Member did not found the reference need, Member should add the data of their successful experiment.
  5. If there is a problem or special need for both software and hardware (laser cutter, computer), please contact the Admin/operasional Volunteer before doing any kind of handling.