FabLab Bandung is the first FabLab in West Java, and second in Indonesia after HONFablab. FabLab Bandung is a non-profit organization who cares about creativity and education. FabLab Bandung is now sponsored by Gusto (advertising company) and seeking for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to run programs, activities and projects.

FabLab Bandung is a lab that follows the Fabrication Laboratory concept which initially researched by Neil Gershenfeld from Center for Bits and Atom, Massachussetts Institute of Technology, Boston USA. Now FabLab Bandung become one of 1197 FabLabs across the globe.


FabLab is applying Open Access concept which aims to give people access to technology


FabLab is also applying Open Design concept which aims to give the FabLab community a chance to get involved in helping people develop their product design
Join with FabLab Bandung community, with the Volunteers and Members who keep contributing with creativities to each otherJOIN US

Our Projects

Advanced Machinery, full of potential

FabLab Bandung provides advanced machines to help the makers producing their great creations.

The question is, are you ready to make something?

3D Printer Machine Fablab Bandung

Wanhao Duplicator i3

3D Printer, mesin untuk

mencetak produk 3-Dimensi

fablab bandung machine slider 2

BHAI SHENG Laser Cutting Machine

Laser Cutter, untuk memahat dan memotong bahan

menggunakan laser berkekuatan tinggi

Our Main Sponsors

FabLab Bandung could operate as intended, thanks to the sponsors who always supported us,

We are also still looking for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) sponsors for further development of our lab.

Our Partners